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At Wild Garden Bellydance we pride ourselves in providing a well rounded dance experience that is full of thoughtful instruction that includes proper body mechanics, history about our dance form, an enriching group environment as well as fun and exciting lessons. 

We recommend that you start with the style you feel most drawn to, there are no right or wrongs.

We want to foster an environment that is both challenging and encouraging all the while assisting students in becoming the dancers they want to be.  To do this our Leveled program of classes begins at the foundation of each style and builds both in technique and stylization as students progress. 

Not sure what the differences between Folk Fusion Group Improv and Modern Folk Fusion are? Read more below.

Folk Fusion Group Improv is where our dance form originated. Blending FatChance® Bellydance style with other movement dialects from other groups, this style has an earthy feel and is about a group of dancers working with a set movement vocabulary that allows dancers to create dance in the moment without choreography. Dancers use the vocabulary and body language to communicate through dance. 
See an example here:

Modern Fusion is a more contemporary interpretation of this earthy style. Combining the techniques of  FatChance Bellydance,Datura Style, Hip Hop, Classic Westernized dance, and American Cabaret Bellydance to create a style that is serpentine, smooth, and a bit on the funky side.
See and example here:

Class Descriptions:
Modern Folk Fusion: Signature combos Open to all levels
It's time to put our technique to work! We LOVE working the finer details of isolations and shapes in our style, but this course is going to be all about what to do with those fundamentals! It's time to learn some combos and make our bodies Dance! 
These are combos that have been created over the last 16years that we've been a school! 
We'll start each class with some drills to warm up, and get the movements we'll need for our combos, at the ready, then we'll dive in!
All levels are welcome in this course!

Folk Fusion Group Improv: Chorus, the best way to dance Together!
Folk Fusion Group Improv is such a unique dance style with some many components that make it work. One of the most treasured is the Chorus!
This formation creates a half moon shape behind the spotlight dancers in a performance and allows for all dancers to be on stage together, regardless of the size of the group. 
There are so many variations and purposes to the chorus and we are going to cover them all! 
All levels are welcome in this class because that is also the wonderful thing about chorus it allows all dancers to shine regardless of their level. 
More advanced dancer in class will get the opportunity to work in the spotlight formations, newer dancers can feel strong and supported with simpler steps in the chorus! 
Let's DANCE Together!!!

Wild Flower Drills 
Saturday, November 5th 12pm- 3pm 
A celebration of 16years of community and DANCE!
Join us for a VERY special Drills class to send us off!
We'll drill to all our favorite songs from performances, classes, choreographies and more!
Then we'll stick around for a bit to take some pictures, share stories, and laughs!
All are welcome!