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Inspirit Yoga Studio
7575 Kingspointe Pkwy #21, Orlando, FL 32819

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Online Library

Welcome to our newest creation to help our dancers stay engaged and excited about their dance journey!
If you are looking for classes on your schedule, where you can take them anytime, anywhere, then our Online Library is for you!

60+ classes and growing each month!

We offer 4 week courses, drill classes, yoga, choreography, props, lectures, and more in both Folk Fusion Group Improv & Modern Folk Fusion. Whether you are brand new to bellydance, looking to supplement your in person classes, or just looking to get some additional dancing in, there is sure to be plenty of options for you!

Our Online Library is currently housed in a private Facebook group for ease of use, however our Library is growing so fast we hope to move to an even better location soon! To make our Online Library even more user friendly, we send out a Reference Guide each month to your email. This Google Drive document lists all of our Online Library courses and their direct link in our private Facebook group.

So no need to hunt and peck in the group, simply find the class you'd like from the description in the Reference Guide and poof, you are ready to practice! Once you subscribe to our Library you can expect an email with our Online Release form to arrive, as well as a Facebook Invite to our private Library group. Once those items are complete, you are all set and ready to Dance.

**A note on quality....much like the faded volumes of our favorite libraries, our selections may not look as crisp and fresh as new online courses these days, but we promise the content is rich. **

Some of our older selections may have been taken from our Facebook Live classes so feel free to watch our chats before class, or skip past.

Subscription Options
Monthly 3 Months 6 Months 1 year

Current Library Offerings:

4 Week Courses:

Folk Fusion Group Improv Fundamentals
Advanced Folk Fusion Group Improv
Modern Folk Fusion Fundamentals
Modern Folk Fusion Bellydance: WGBD Stacks & Combos
Folk Fusion Group Improv: Finger Cymbals & Spins

Pop-Up Classes:

Folk Fusion Group Improv Flow
Modern Folk Fusion Flow
Brick by Brick: Combos
Intervals Practices-Both Group Improv & Modern Fusion
Modern Folk Fusion Classes: Datura Style & Inspired
Datura Style Opening Sequence
Arabic Fake-Out
Queen of the Damned & Double Bump Fake-Out
Wind Combo & Overshimmy #1
Compton Shuffle & Wind Combo (duplicate -Lacey forgot we had it already!)
Overshimmy #2
Intervals Practice:
-Head Shoulders stack
Melli Sarina Combo
How Deep/Triangle Transition Combo

Folk Fusion Group Improv Spotlight Classes:

Arms, Shoulders, & Hands
Camel Steps
Up Up Down Down Steps
Intervals Practice:
-Fast: Ghawazee Family
-Slow: Taxeem, Body Wave, Arm Undulation
-Fast: ¼ Turns & ½ Turns

Formation & Fade Reviews

Folk Fusion Style Props:

Skirt Fundamentals (Improv)
Folk Fusion Sword-4 week course (Primarily Improv, with a few Fusion stylings)
Sword Drills: Holding & Balancing Steps (Improv)
WGBD Tray Dialect: Class #1 (Fusion Improv)


Hahbi Ru Cymbal Dance

Additional Enrichment:

Lectures: History Timeline Presentation

Live Chats with Lacey